“Refine” the earth

The organic solvent recycling business at Nippon Refine plays a crucial role in achieving a sustainable resource-recycling society while minimizing environmental impact.

Nippon Refine is here to make everyone's environment sustainable.

Our Strengths
Nippon Refine's upcycling system refines and recirculates recycled materials with a purity of 99.9% or higher.
Nippon Refine takes pride in its ability to refine recycled materials with a purity of 99.9% or higher.

Additionally, we have developed an upcycling system that enables the recycled materials to be reused as valuable resources.

With our unparalleled technology that distinguishes us from other companies, we have the capability to refine and reuse recycled materials with precise purity levels as per our customers' requirements.
We provide solvents of the highest quality by reducing and controlling impurities to their utmost limit.
In the fine chemical fields such as semiconductor materials and pharmaceuticals, high-quality and high-purity refining is essential, as general industrial-grade materials are unsuitable for such applications.

With extensive experience in distillation and analysis technology, Nippon Refine excels in providing high-grade solvents tailored to our customers' needs, including precise levels of purity such as ppt-level metal standards.
Custom designs for your factory's equipment.
Nippon Refine offers customized equipment solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each customer, as solvents for recycling and the desired environmental conditions can vary. Through these efforts, we can contribute to the reduction of industrial waste and costs, promote resource recycling, and minimize environmental impact.
Support for solvent conversion from subterrestrial to terrestrial.
By providing, recycling, and upgrading solvents derived from terrestrial resources such as biomass, we aim to reduce barriers in the supply chain, costs, and quality, thereby facilitating the shift from petroleum-based solvents derived from underground resources to more sustainable options. This, in turn, contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and implementation of carbon neutrality.


14Refining and Recycling Business
Nippon Refine purchases and recycles used solvents from customers. The recycled solvents can either be returned to the customers or sold to others.
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24High-Performance Chemicals Business
The purification of organic solvents for industrial use is essential in various fields, including electronic materials for the semiconductor and pharmaceuticals industry, as well as the fine chemical industry.
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34Environmental Engineering Business
By installing customized equipment at the customer's factory, we can help promote resource recycling and reduce environmental impact.
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In addition, we also conduct contracted safety assessments test and other related evaluations for chemical substances.
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